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What a great start for 2017.  On the left Sarah who will be heading to establsihed clients in Maple Valley WA and her brother Luis to an other establsihed client dating back to 1992 in Morgantown WV.


July 2016 deposit arrives for a Choice pup with our CYA CGC program from west coast folks who purchased their first Hoytt twelve years before. An eight week old pup from our Jersey Girl and Lex was selected - her call name would be Xena. Fast forward to early November twenty third (day before Thanksgiving) our driver picked the youngster up for a four hour drive to Atlanta. Since she was a CGC graduate Xena was able to ride free in our VIP conversion van, (no travel cage for her) laying on her bed she could have watched TV but probably just chewed her bone and played with her favorite doll toy.  That same afternoon after a 254 mile road trip to Atlanta and a 2201 mile flight  she was met at LAX ( Los Angeles CA) by her new family. The photo above was taken by the family the day after Thanksgiving, just 48 hours after joining her new family. No other breeder/trainer world wide can offer this level of success. We are not a "GOOD ENOUGH" organization. You can go to Reserved page to read some of Xena's owners first comments.  


"Time to call Hoytt"

Capturing the greatness of the Dobe genetically - Cultivating their mind through education.

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While  you may find that special Dobe in our Available pages  many of our Dobes are reserved before birth. Seriously if 2017 is the year to add your first or next Hoytt Dobe to the family  now is the time to reserve and there are pre-birth discounts available also. 

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Most  available Hoytt Dobes have been presented in an update completed on the first day of 2017 - go to Main Page then open up AVAILABLE DOBES link  

Delivering trained pups & young adult Hoytt Doberman Pinschers world wide since 1958  


But first, who is Mr. H?

    Well... I was a child when I was kissed for the first time by a pretty little girl named Debby, over the years since, I have had the privilege of waking most mornings by a kiss from other lovely 'ladies'. Okay while this may seem to be a guys brag, it's a fact. The morning of the day I wrote this I once more awoke to a gentle kiss from my London formally known as Hoytts Bridge to our Heart CGC RN CD TDI, my best girl and great ball player - actually she's quite the protector too.  And of course my boy Lex formally Hoytts Law and Order CGC RN CD TDI who moves in every opportunity he has to give me a little smooch. His way to remind me he is always watching over the love of his life and also he's my other ball player, best bud and guardian.

Building a private line have given me the now known variables of genetic individuality that today help me in final selection when I match breeding pairs that will create these special life companions. Oh yes come in and visit with me now and you will meet my very interesting and personable companions and next generation helpers. Lex and London on the right. On the left with their daughter Thora formally Hoytts Goddess of Thunder CGC BN CD - a now also a homed Presidents Choice who's housemate is Roxie formally Hoytts Gift of Love CGC BN CD and soon as he finishes his Presidents Choice Program Pharaoh formally Hoytts King of the Valley CGC BN makes three.

Those who come to me know relationship between thought and action are also as important as health. Than adding into the decision making the preferred physical traits and you now know some of the secretes of my success besides the fact that I'm a nice guy with a sense of humor and great clients. Add to that success those who are part of Team Hoytt. The care givers from birth to the educators who take my directions based on discussions I have with each future owner from selection to placement and there after when needed.

                                                                                                                                 Barrie Hoytt

Doberman Specialties

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Click on any of the  Pictures above to learn about the Hoytt Dobe, our medically finished pups & young adults for Defense of the home as both an early warning system & Protector of the family. As Kid Sitter to bed buddy from Service Assistance to Therapy Companions

                                                                        Success has its rewards and those who are enjoying the fruits of their labor now in search of a World Class Doberman as a Companion Guardian and/or Competition Dobe do spend the time reading through our site for it is the singly the best reference guide available on the Doberman with more information on the breed's variables and this web site is also ultimate "breed  picture book"  . For those who either prefer or must follow the typical path to pet ownership meaning from choosing their own pet to what we call home schooling, this site will  help in your decision making so do take advantage of this  site. After all it is an education before commitment  and  help guide you in your final decision making since you are about to invest up to ten years or more of your future as care giver, teacher, banker, doctor and best buddy to a canine.

Yet  for a few buyers each year we are the only people to turn to so do study this presentation then contact us if you wish to join our exclusive club. Now beginning with the fact that we are the most successful Doberman Specialist in breed history  and today control the only true American Line,  we  do must admit this web site was first and foremost our way of finding the unique families or individuals who seek our level of expertise as we in turn seek them.  After all everyone from seller to buyer will be making a commitment that both hope lasts a decade or more. Now enjoy our site and if you have questions do call.  

                                                                 As the only breeder to develop, maintain and profile with extreme preciseness what each youngster placed today will be as the adult it quickly becomes, while we keep up a running history of this new generation literally a complete life history of each Hoytt Dobe.  Thus behind every Dobe placed today the  knowledge gained over  our seventy-five years working with buyers and  followed by years of Owner Feedback, guides us when matching a pair today for breeding. This added information can best be called  a living Pedigree  for the actual pedigree is simply a list of dog names and what titles past generations might have gained - with the exception of Hoytt no personal insight into the lives  behind the offered dogs are usually just rumors the seller has heard. Todays sellers probably have no more actual knowledge then those they bought from.  Here our first hand knowledge of every dog listed in the family tree for decades along with our Client Profiling points out just how exclusive our services to our clients are.    

We are the only breeder in the world to have developed a Private Line of Dobes - For those who have done their home work and are reaching for the BEST we offer Dobermans that for more then forty years have not come from a mix of the hundreds of breeders & brokers who  came together one dog at a time to make puppies.  Breeders and brokers rarely know both parents first hand and  less about the second generation and near none know third or more generations behind the dogs they are offering.  Information given about background dogs usually came from rumors heard or simply officially created facts the seller knows the buyer wants to hear. A simple check of a sellers knowledge of the dog being sold just ask for or even buy  a three or  four  generation pedigree from the AKC or the Euro club the dog is registered with and your sellers kennel or bloodline name should be on more then the dog you are buying.    No breeder, broker or seller today can offer such a refined canine nor have the first hand knowledge of the dog you are about to welcome into your personal circle. Simply put by Winston Churchill...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

   "The further back you can look, the further forward you can see"     We look back decades into the past of each Dobe when choosing the next generation that give us tomorrows Hoytt Dobermans.

                      Great minds and excellent appearance along with  unsurpassed medical programs and the extensive health protocols we follow before placement then adding  our guidance once placed leave me with one question for the first timer to our site...  

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With the Hoytt Dobermans greatness in all the right areas  our success   attracts those who in their own right are also achievers.  Once you study our pre-placement  programs from medical to educational  you will  understand who we are and now if you want to see some of our Dobes already home go to  Owners  Photo Gallery. Then click to go to  >>> MainPage and begin learning about the House of Hoytt and why we began this page with "Success has it's rewards".

Look left and meet an other of our west coast kids Cinnamon who does not live far from Xena.  Now we thought Cinnamon was one handsome dude when he headed west to his home in  Camarillo CA as a CYA CGC graduate at 8 months of age.  What a few years and a great family can do and his people have  been part of the Hoytt family since 2002.   And a look at the mountains and you can tell Magnum is a local boy.




We know how special it is to not only see your new Hoytt become a reality but to be able to show him or her off to those in your personal circle who have been waiting for my call and those also in your soon to be extended family who watch to see where the next young American Super Dobe will be going. Just go to Recently Reserved  or Placed Hoytt Dobes  and there's your baby.      Congratulations to us all.  

                                                                                        Barrie Hoytt



  Our first  litter for 2017 is due around Valentines Day. Reserve your new kid for before birth and save 5% on both the pup and training programs.  


Planned Parenthood

   HOYTT ... The only American blood line in Dobes  today with no import influences. Since 1976  the worlds most protected  Doberman  Blood Line.


               Straight from the heart - additional letters and pictures from clients.

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Dobefest a festival dedicated to the an American Bred Dobermans

Barrie Hoytt here...Once more we had a great time at DobeFest many attendees have gotten to come every year since our first DF in 2001. Each year new faces both human and canine have joined this private get together. The gathering of a most unique creature and their owners.

Note for first time readers...Attendees with Hoytt Dobes have come from all points in the United States and as close to just down the street here in Dandridge.

Join us for the only thing better then meeting other Hoytt Dobes are others like yourself with the stories and photos of life with their Hoytt Dobes. The camaraderie of such an exclusive group will leave you with the gift of wonderful memories the rest of your life and after the first great day at the House of Hoytt we reconvene just a few miles from the kennel for a relaxing evening of socializing and dinner.  As the day ends after rejoining those we met at the kennel earlier we are ready to relax. This evening in one of east Tennessee's most beautiful parks you can look in all directions away from our group and all you see for miles will be the evening glow of the moon across Douglas Lake below. Watch as the darkening silhouette of the Great Smoky Mountains begin to fade in sight but never in memory.

 2017 DobeFest will be September 21st and 22nd.

 PS ... Those who did not receive their complimentary DobeFest 2016 caps just like the boss wears call Hope - Could not attend remember you can also purchase these caps just for the PRIDE of it. 

See you at  DobeFest September 21st through the 22nd 2017

For those who can only spend a day with us try for the 21st of September 2017

Please contact Hope at 865-397-9887 and we will have the DF 2017 organizers contact you

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