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                                                                        Success has its rewards and those who are enjoying the fruits of their labor now in search of a World Class Doberman as a Companion Guardian and/or Competition Dobe do spend the time reading through our site for it is the singly the best reference guide available on the Doberman with more information on the breed's variables and the ultimate "breed  picture book"  then any search to date. Now for those not ready to  turn the selection and finishing services over to Mr. Hoytt  preferring to follow the crowd and make their own choices; this web site will help guide you  in your quest.

Yet for a few buyers each year we are the only people to turn to so do study this presentation then contact us if you wish to join our exclusive club. Now beginning with the fact that we are the most successful Doberman Specialist in breed history  and today control the only true American Line,  we  still must admit this web site was first and foremost our way of finding the unique families or individuals who meets our future owner expectations. After all everyone from seller to buyer will be making a commitment that both hope lasts a decade or more. Now enjoy our site and if you have questions do call. 

                                                                 As the only breeder to develop, maintain and profile with extreme preciseness what each youngster placed today will be as the adult it quickly becomes, we also maintain the life history of each Hoytt Dobe.  Thus behind every Dobe placed today the  knowledge gained over  our seventy-five years working with buyers and  followed by years of Owner Feedback guides us when matching a pair for breeding. This added information can best be called  a living Pedigree  for the actual pedigree is simply a list of dog names and what titles past generations might have gained - no personal insight into the lives  behind the offered dog and usually just rumored information  who probably have no more actual knowledge then the seller. Our first hand knowledge of every dog listed along with our Client Profiling points out just how exclusive our service to the future owner is.         

                                      Quoting Winston Churchill...   "The further back you can look, the further forward you can see"                          

Click on any of the following Pictures to learn about the Hoytt Dobe, our medically finished pups & young adults for Defense of the home as both an early warning system & Protector of the family. As Kid Sitter to bed buddy from Service Assistance to Therapy Companions


Now with the Hoytt Dobermans greatness in all the right areas  our success   attracts those who in their own right are also achievers.  Once you study our pre-placement  programs from medical to educational  you will further understand who we are and now if you want a sneak preview of our creations first go to  Owners  Photo Gallery. then open the INDEX page and begin learning about Hoytt and the Doberman.


 Know most of our owners enjoy their Hoytt Dobes at a private family level but I definitely also applaud all of our clients who have time, patience and fortitude to also take on the world of competitive obedience since our young Dobes also lead in the American Kennel Club performance ring.

Magnum an American Bred Dobermans   Roxie an American Bred Dobermans

These youngsters are our 17th generation of Hoytt Dobes to grace our lives thanks to our Roxie and Magnum. I also would like to point out Roxie joined her family just 24 hours before the photo below was taken. Now scroll down and enjoy the feeling that comes over you when you view Roxie's little ones while each wonder why we have them sitting outside on a jumbo dog bed.



*Pharaoh was  reserved many months before he was born and will stay with us until he completes our Grand Victor Program

Tennessee                                                                                                                                                      Tennessee                                                                                                                 Florida                                                                                                                                                                               Illinois             

     Seventeen  generations  of American Super Dobes in an unbroken bloodline  where every Doberman in their pedigrees was created  and placed by the Hoytts 



                                                               Straight from the heart - letters and pictures from clients

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 We have fun videos of Cassie's youngsters on BHoytt - YouTube - Ricci is still available & in the SP Program


Great minds and excellent appearance along with  unsurpassed medical programs and the extensive health protocols we follow before placement then adding  our guidance once placed leave me with one question for the first timer to our site...  "WHY NOT THE BEST"

Barrie Hoytt here;Dobefest a festival dedicated to the an American Bred Dobermans

This years DobeFest exceeded all expectations even the weather went from projected 90 per cent rain to three days of beautiful weather. More to follow but now just want to thank everyone who came; in the end I realized DobeFest is a way to honor me. So for the moment all I can say is - Bless You all.

Note for first time readers...Attendees with Hoytt Dobes and their families came from as far as Maine and as close as 'just down the street'  - From Michigan south to the Carolina coast. Even the west coast was represented. The only thing better then the food was the camaraderie and the evenings ending with the final glow of the camp fire fading into our last formal day together.

God bless us all big and small

              PS ... Those who did not receive their complimentary  SuperDobe DobeFest 2015 Tees call Hope - also recent arrivals allow us to offer for a reasonable price additional shirts. And remember we have Hoytt caps like the boss wears too.

See you at Hoytt's DobeFest September 2016

Please contact Hope at 865-397-9887 and we will have the DF 2016 organizers contact you

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