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8-15-15 ... How quickly 2015 passed with 2016 just around the corner. Perhaps it just may be time to take the next step or another year will get by without a Hoytt Dobe at your side, the Dobe you've been dreaming about for years and keep in mind reserving your "to be born"  could save you up to five hundred dollars. Of course there could be a little one just finishing its medical services as you read this or in training or we could have a Grand Victor about ready for its last certification as happened early August 2015 - four weeks later Roxie formally Hoytts Gift of Love CGC RN CD will leave us to join her new family. We do have two new pups have set side to begin the GV program and next spring they will be presented to their as yet unknown families while two other future GV graduates are already spoken for under four months of age who will be home around Valentines Day. Point being please don't wait to reserve you next or new Hoytt Dobe if you already know when you'd like the kid to arrive.

Good news there are a few Hoytt Dobes still available who have begun their Super Pup program and soon our last pups for possible placement this year will be born, your Hoytt may be one of them. So do follow up with your Client Profile; the office will get back to you and arrange a good time to speak with Mr. Hoytt.

PHOTO PACKAGE...Photos of your new Hoytt Dobe are available for just $20.00 per shoot with chosen photos emailed  to you until nine sessions (nine shoots)  have taken place. Or our dual package ...  $240.00 "PHOTO   & VIDEO PACKAGE* any added additional  stage photos will be FREE...Our videographer Sean has been with us  since May and has given our YouTube site life that is not typical to other breeders or trainer sites. Sean will be the producer of your new SuperDobe's photo and video scrape books. Note still photos of the quality we demand require three people. The person on the equipment, the dog's handler and a third person we call the BAD GUY simply because this person must behave in a way that captures the dogs attention so the excellent pose one sees in their Dobes when they do not have a camera in hand or are even close enough to capture the moment become a moment in time past. Also with the final video comes three DVD copies free of change.           11-1-15


Wonder if we are still on top of our game after five decades do go to   Recently Reserved Dobes and check the Dobes who gained families recently.

 Also remember we have an Owners Gallery with photos and letters that date as far back as 1958 and up to Recently Reserved Dobes


  Cute may describe most puppies but  in the long run relationships are built on the total picture. Baby Kinny our three week old fawn to the right gives us a fleeting moment in his life but try to imagine what I see genetically, what Kinny is today. Go to Owners Galleryand see many of the development stages of Hoytts Golden Boy CGC RN CD TDI  but below is one year after his baby photo on the right was taken.  Now while our clients want great minds, excellent comprehensive qualities as well as a few dozen other genetic qualities they do like the idea that their companion Dobe looks  like it came off the cover of  Dog World magazine.

Now just imagine later in time when perhaps one of his  relations are watching over your children while out playing in the yard, a yard equally as important in 'family' planning as the home itself.  Leave your home for an hour or the day, you only have to give your Dobe a kiss and pat  as you close the door and your Hoytt Dobe changes to its Guardian mode.   Of course every situation has it's variables, this is where early individualized selection wins hands down over "here's a cute one".  

  Most of our clients who are retired  are still very active yet have time for a great interactive companion and usually go with a pre-placement education. They have time to vary the walks each day, the trips around town or cross country. For those yet to retire the hiking trails or around the block are part of their day and those who can take their Dobes to work mostly prefer to step in as far past the baby stage as possible, while still welcoming a youngster or young adult.  And if you are like Zane's mom in Lehigh Florida - seeOwners Gallery who created her own Garden of Eden, you'll enjoy the companionship even more for the comfort of having a Hoytt Dobe at your side can keep even the snakes, those with scales and those with two legs from catching you by surprise -  Now Zane's mom can really relax and smell the roses but being retired has allowed her to take her boy to places he's never dreamed of but definitely want to visit again.

An even better plus, having a great Dobe just hanging with you  watching the game, MSNBC , or strolling around the block, the back trail or down town is a combination of pleasure and pride.  If you are out and about in Sebastian Fl you may have the good fortune to meet Thunder who has yet to be told that at nine years he's coming down from his mountain.

And if you are Valentine and your family runs a shop in Key West, or Nico and Roxie up in the mountains around Colorado Springs or like to travel like Zar who has enjoyed some of the more upscale bed and breakfast establishments across the country including a few that had signs "No Dogs Allowed over a pound", you bet your pride will show through for you and your Zar will be talked about perhaps for years after your visit - at 95 pounds Zar is both a power to behold and quite a gentleman after introductions.

Or Rocky up north east in Newfoundland always ready to help bring the fish in from a day with dad or Mako seen in our Flip Side in Sitka, Alaska out with the crew for the day. But if you happen to live west of nowhere population 101, a trip into town with 'the kid' is just as rewarding. So from best 'bud' during the day to your eyes and ears once you  retire for the night, you know if your alarm system goes off your Hoytt Dobe will "entertain" those uninvited guests until you have the situation under control and the LAW arrives.   I should add that there are no batteries to change and even in a power outage during an ice storm or because the bad guy used his "KLINE" cable cutter on the power source, the Hoytt Dobe is still on the job.  An added plus with a body temperature of 101.8 they make great bed warmers if the power outage was caused by an act of nature like out east 2015. 

 Now back to what this section is all about                                                                              ***********************************************************************************************************


Special Offerings



Presenting four youngsters out of (Gracy Anne) Hoytts Golden Girl CGC RN  &  (Marshal) Hoytts Law and Order CGC RN CD TDI now in our Custom Young Adult Program


Anne ... born 3-22-15 ... as of 9-23-15 finished CYA Level One working toward CYA Level Two


Baby "G" 


London - Maybe but right now she's one of Mr. H's personal gang





Here's a quick look at perhaps Hoytt Kids still seeking a last name - Jersey Girl's in SP training, Gracie Anne's pups about to be cropped and our London's pups - our youngest but not yet being offered.


Jersey Girl boys in training


                                                                                            Gracie Anne's pups born 5-13-15 finishing up their medical services at this time







                   Here's how we  can present the future Dobe if not ready for placement on a special day -  give a framed picture presentation of the new Dobe if it is too young to head home. Or photos of the future parents and grand parents with projected placement date and a profile of the relations pictured. This way the gift is presented on the day of the occasion.  Then  as your new Hoytt Dobe is finished additional stage photos plus when old enough or if already well on its way to finishing a video can be requested. 


Advisory - for the right children with the right canine, the experience will be cherished throughout their life - just leave the children out of the initial selection process.  Remember 'cute' is short lived and a dog is not a toy that you give away when the novelty wears thin. However a Dobe can be a great friend, companion and guardian in one strikingly elegant creature who  would give it's life for it's family and all those in its family circle  but remember you are about to take on the responsibility of another life who will need you to survive.                               


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