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A better way to tape dogs ears

For Ear Crop & Natural Ear Stance
The Quick Brace Ear Stance System
The number one canine ear stance aid for 35 years
Excellent  system & it's ready to apply  on arrival***


Note the Quick Brace is so light you can see through the brace - even see the ear crop design in this photo. The tape running up and down between the brace is a cheap masking tape so Riley can play with friends, also keeps the brace from catching on most objects like plants when outdoors.

Over all the Quick Brace was also designed to be the lightest possible form of taping or posting as some call ear stance training devices. And also remember there are six angles to the Quick Brace to match the natural cone of the ear. Our youngster here happened to show off the lightness of the QB when we were photographing her for her family with the sun behind her.




 Watch our on line video on taping ears now... It's an eye opener


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A most informative video covering ear stance training without wrapping the dogs ears...What many sellers and surgeons do not want you to see.   A help in showing off the quality of a crop.  A quiet way of showing how much care you've taken in raising the pup you are offering. A most comfortable way to train ear stance even if the dog is over a year.  Also an excellent way for the  surgeon to truly show their quality of service without the need to tape ears.  Introducing  the primary ways to bring a dogs ears to correct stance using the most comfortable system for ear stance training ever designed, no more taping ears the  antiquated way.  Also introduces you to the reasons many think ear cropping should be banned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         On first order a DVD copy of this e video will be included at no charge.    

                                                                                                                                                                  Have your Client Number ready if you are a regular user of the Quick Brace when re-ordering please.

. Note for those Breeders and Veterinarians who use the Quick Brace after crop and/or during stance training - we would like to let the world know you are not like those other guys ...We are now ready to link from our QB site to yours at no charge - just contact us.

No running to hardware store, drug store or even Wal-Mart everything you need comes with your Quick Brace Kit...So forget spending an hour or more trying to put together an apparatus that should have been banned decades ago. Leave ear racking discomforts behind -  forget hair loss from tape removal, forget ear taping infections because you do not have to wrap the ears.  In fact forget ear taping completely use The Quick Brace System and give your 'kid' a break.  Leave the irritations of taping to those who seem oblivious to their canines discomfort and you no longer have to worry that you've wrapped the ears so tight you lose their tips from lack of blood circulation.   

 Site update 5-18-2013 

***Special brace kit discounts for surgeons, breeders and behaviorists - call or email us to  also learn about a new pleasant fifteen minute DVD you can pass on to your clients on ear stance training.


Our compliments to a few specialty breeders who's canines require ear stance and who have spent years creating a home taping system that works. But most ear taping or posting shown on the web have been done by well meaning folks who are doing their best but do not understand the pit falls of wrong application. And for sure can't pass on the knowledge they don't have.  But then we have the serious breeder who has spent years never knowing about nor needing the Quick Brace for they believe they already have an excellent taping program. But it does take shopping and finding the right products that are combined after years of practice to create the favored system they put together and could apply blindfolded but they won't move into your home to be there to put together and apply their stance program.


Well for many of us today even an oil change is something done by those who know what to remove, what to add and what to remember to tighten or our vehicle becomes seriously damaged - but it is after all not usually the love of our life as our newest companion will be. So why not go for the one system that is designed to fit your dog and arrives ready to use. And remember even if we've only seen just a few 100 applications a week multiplied by 35 years we truly rank number one understanding the art of ear stance through experience. Now...

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