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For Ear Crop & Natural Ear Stance
The Quick BraceEar Stance System


The Non-Surgical Answer to Canine Ear Stance

Have Questions about ear stance, ear cropping...Humane posting of the canine ear 
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                                                                                              For all Breeds of Dogs that for Health Reasons during healing of injuries and/or their Breed Standard Prefers Ear Stance
    Quick Brace Animation

    This system eliminates most if not all of the past problems of bracing due to illogical, outmoded and uncomfortable ways posting has been done in the past. Of equal importance, the Quick Brace System™ can be applied immediately following ear cropping to accelerate both correct ear stance and healing time, eliminating post-surgical problems related to self-inflicted injuries during recovery both immediately after surgery and the weeks following.

    Used by thousands of Veterinarians around the world, and tens of thousands of breeders and private owners, the Quick Brace System™ with its unique design, lightness and ease of application make it the leading bracing system in use today.

    As you look over the photos and study the values of this exceptional system it quickly becomes obvious why this is such an outstanding aid, helping all breeds of dogs that require a specific ear stance to meet their breed standard.

     Works best on dogs under one year of age but has a
    high success up to twenty-four months or the end of your patience.


    To Order Your Quick Brace System

    To place orders by phone or for assistance call between 10AM and 4 PM EST ... M T W & F

    Quick Brace
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The Equal Benefits of the Quick Brace™
on Cropped or Natural Length Ears


 Moments after Surgery...Apply the Quick Brace™

Applied Immediately After Cropping or following the repair of an injured ear.

    Designed for both post-surgical application and outstanding for those who have just learned about the QB for the older pup or adult with success well past eighteen months of age.  Applied after surgery to protect the ears from injury during recovery and healing while immediately beginning to help heal and developed ear stance. Follow up application continues until the ears no longer need support. The Quick Brace™ System is the most humane posting when compared to all other ways of ear support and has helped tens of thousands of our four legged canine friends achieve the sticking ear stance their breed is known for without the discomfort of the "wrap" , process. This system of posting moments after surgery starts teaching ear stance with no lost time waiting for the ears to heal.

    Each Quick Brace following ear crop lasts 7 to 10 days. When used following the many ways that are tried that still means wrapping of the ears, the dog usually thinks initially this is just as uncomfortable as what you've been doing. During the emotional adjustment to the Quick-Brace you may have to replace the brace after only a few days until you've proved to your canine friend that this posting system is comfortable by comparison.  Remember the dog has to be shown through experience the Quick-Brace is not like what you've been using. Post-surgically applied the dog acts as if the only difference is the wind in its ears ( first time outside in a wind ).

Ease of Application
There are just three main steps involved in applying the Quick Brace System™. Total application time can be measured in seconds.
Applied the Moment a Weak Natural Ear is Noticed
The advantages of using the Quick Brace™ on natural length ears becomes ever more apparent when correct stance training starts immediately upon application.


Comfort for the Dog
The Quick Brace™ is the only brace that takes advantage of modern technology. From its specially stressed micro-fine frame, to the refined surgical adhesive needed to apply the system, the only process that weighs only a fraction of an ounce.
The agonies that a dog was expected to put up with have been eliminated as well including the device known as the Elizabethan Collar ( the device that appears to be right out of the Medieval Period) shown below along some of the other strange ways of bracing...shame those that use these torture devices have not tried them on themselves.

Actually the primary cause for the argument about cropping discomfort is due to what is done to post the ears following crop. Actual examples shown in the following six photos. Note the change from the boxer with the old way followed by the use of the Quick Brace. The kid even looks happier.

                                                                                   Get your best friend the Quick Brace System today...
...or go with the strange and uncomfortable ways one sees throughout the web (some examples follow) & perhaps these humans who use these jerry rigged systems of taping to perhaps save a few dollars must never had their ears wrapped. But we hope they just never knew about The Quick Brace?                     



<<<<Ten minutes before application of the Quick Brace - Ten minutes after the application of the Quick Brace >>>>


No longer any facial discomfort either >>>

Also no worry that the posting, collars or wrapping of the ear as the examples already shown above and if you scroll to the bottom of this page for additional looks at the Quick Brace System.

Note: This dogs owner paid almost $700.00 to the clinic where this was done and that did not cover costs for return care following the crop. While the fee is within the normal range for a design crop, before you say yes 'do it!. Be sure your idea of excellence and theirs are at the same level. Ask to see photos of other dogs done in your breed and how the clinic or breeder post the ears during healing and stance training. An extra bonus to the canine who has cropped ears...ear infections are rare where natural ears stay moist and regularly have ear infections. 





No Loss of Hair or Scarring due to wrapping tapes around the ear
Since the Quick Brace™ can be applied without the need to encircle the ear with tape, the worry of too tight taping, cutting circulation to the upper part of the ear, inflammation on the hair side of the ears or around the head has been eliminated. And no taping is needed that puts pressure on the dogs throat. 
No Apparent Age Limit
As an aid to straightening or correcting ear stance, the Quick Brace™ has been used on dogs from age six weeks to adulthood ( approximately 24 months of age ).
Inexpensive by comparison than the average cost of failed or successful stance surgeries ( primary and secondary costs average $600.00 plus ).
Considering what the Quick Brace™ System may be able to do for your peace of mind, the dogs comfort and of course, the dog's appearance, it is well worth the invested dollars and your time. 

   No surgery needed to correct most failed ear stance.

 No need for the dog to have corrective ear stance surgery before two years of age - besides there is no guarantee of surgical success except for the costs and the discomfort that follows weeks if not months after attempts at surgical correction that can not be guaranteed by the surgeon that usually fails while you and your canine still pay the price.  And with today's vet fees, the surgery, in-clinic care and follow up visits, the final cost for surgical correction attempts can be three, four or five times the original cost of the dog. The Quick Brace System requires no surgery or Anesthesia .

Will the Quick Brace always work? There are too many variables from inferior crop, genetically weak cartilage, the age of the canine when cropped or what age you begin using the Quick Brace. Add misshaped ears, the wrong crop length for the breed and the failures to follow our instructions, like substitution of materials used to create the Quick Brace System, otherwise success is assured. So for less then the cost of a special night out with your most favorite person you can turn to the system that ranks number one in ease of application, comfort and achieving ear stance. 96% of our clients report total success, 2% did not call us when a question arose, 1% thought they knew more than the designer of the Quick-Brace and those remaining just had too many negative variables to contend with but tried their best.

Newly cropped ears

Helps to Prevents Self-Inflicted Injuries
Many owners have found after returning home with their newly cropped dog that he injures himself by striking the tips of his ears on everything from walls to doorways or they may find that their dog paws at its ears and damages more then just the sutures. Whichever of these occur it will end up causing the dog a great deal of discomfort and create the need to return him to the Hospital and in almost all situations both an additional office charge and services rendered - add unnecessary discomfort to your canine.


The design of the Quick Brace™ when applied as a post-surgical aid, helps protect the tips from the previously mentioned problems and the coning effect designed into the Quick Brace™ deflects the dog's paws from the delicate area.


Aids In Healing - Stitch removal within seven days eliminates the chance of scaring
Because the Quick Brace™ does not encircle the sutures the incision can dry faster speeding up the healing time. And there scabs or infection because the fresh crop line is not covered with tapes. More comfort for the canine.


Ease of Stitch Removal
Again the lack of encircling tapes add to the Quick Brace's attributes for the stitches may be removed without the need to first take off the Quick Brace.


No Inflammation Related to all other ways of Posting or Bracing
As the Quick Brace™ does not cover the incisions and no tape is used to encircle the ears, no festering occurs and the chance of serious secondary infection, that is a product of sweating under the ear coverings have been eliminated.

An Aid to Surgical Redesigning or Straightening

The Single Most Common Cause of Failure in This Area
In Surgical straightening, stitching of injured ears cause much stress on the sutures or implants through the healing period including changing of wraps-wraps that cause infection and discomfort for the canine are literally eliminated. While healing is accelerated.
 Applying the Quick Brace™ the ears are immobilized with little or no discomfort to the dog and the correction has a better chance of healing properly without the discomforts that normally follow with wrapped ears.

 "Enjoy The Benefits Of The Quick Brace System on all Canines”


To Order Your Quick Brace System go to order form

*Each brace is custom made from information received from the purchaser at the time of order - Each completed kit MAY REQUIRE SEVERAL business days to  ready for delivery - Please remember this when placing your order.*

    Please find on the next page a special order form. This form should be completed using the guidelines found under the headings available kits and ear stance problem guide. All questions of the form must be answered to insure that we send you the proper size braces. Disregard the Stance Problem Guide and Ear Measurements when ordering a Post-Surgical Kit.

Available Kits
KIT #1... Pre-Surgical-when actual crop length is not known in advance of surgery...allows application at time of crop
Six pre-taped QUICK BRACES, three progressive size sets ($42.00) so your surgeon can pick the correct size for their crop length...there are many variables based on breed and age of patient, 2ozs of glass bottled Surgical Adhesive, 12 Surgical Adhesive Remover pads for cleaning ($5.64) Cross brace porus surgical tape ($1.00.) (if each item purchased separately  $80.35)  - KIT #1 price $58.35 plus S&H

NOTE...the QB sets not used may be returned for the size your surgeon choose for only the cost of S&H


KIT #2 ... Stance Training for pups up to 16 weeks of age
Ten same or mixed size braces, 2oz glass bottled Surgical Quality Adhesive, Surgical quality Adhesive Remover Pads for post-stance cleaning, Surgical Porous Tape, & Ear Stance Video Guide for first buyers* (if each item purchased separately $111.05) - KIT# 2 PRICE $82.32 plus S&H


KIT #3... Stance Training for dogs 16 weeks of age to adult
Sixteen same size braces, 2-2oz glass bottled Surgical quality Adhesive, Surgical quality Adhesive Remover for post-stance cleaning, Surgical Porous Tape & Ear Stance Video Guide* (if each item purchased separately $174.20) - KIT#3 PRICE $130.32 plus S&H


KIT #4... Professional Pac A  
Twenty-Five braces same size or mixed, 3-2oz glass bottled Surgical quality Adhesive, 2oz glass bottled Surgical quality Adhesive Remover Pads for post-stance cleaning, Surgical Porous Tape, & Ear Stance Video Guide* ( if each item purchased separately $252.50) - PRO-PAC "A" PRICE $171.72 plus S&H


KIT #5... Professional Pac B
Fifty braces same size or mixed, 2-4oz glass bottled Surgical quality Adhesive, Surgical quality Adhesive Remover Pads for post-stance cleaning,  Surgical Porous Tape & Ear Stance Video Guide* (if each item purchased separately $429.53) - PRO-PAC "B" PRICE $265.90 plus S&H

* this is a complimentary video included with each first time order
** International shipping available at additional cost.


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              2oz  Surgical quality Adhesive**...$16.10 when ordered with any of the above kits*

              4oz  Surgical quality Adhesive**...$23.04 when ordered with any of the above kits*


              Extra Surgical Quality Adhesive Remover Pads...        

              Extra Quick Braces can be purchased individually ( no kit purchase necessary ) for $7.00 per brace pre-taped*

             Extra rolls of one or half inch Quick Brace porous arm & cross brace tape - width of tape sent based on breed and age of patient (10yds) $3.25 each.

    **our adhesive is Surgical Quality. We do not use hobby adhesives, tire cement or super glues and moved ten years ago to a new manufacturer since Skin Bond  was reformulated with only the human need in mind and lost the adhering qualities the dog world expected. However Skin Bond compared to all but one manufacturer we have researched is still at least in our eyes #2 for the canine ear posting, which of course is better than a third or fourth rate adhesive.

    *** In the early years of surgery Alcohol, was used as a skin cleanser for dogs, to clean their ears. But as an adhesive remover today it ranks so far on the bottom of the user list - those that still suggest its use should try it on their own skin. A soft pad and true surgical adhesive remover does not cause discomfort or irritations as alcohol does since one has to vigorously  scrub away glues with non-surgical adhesive removers. But just wipe gently with the correct product and glue as well as wax comes away.    

    * When ordering only adhesives, adhesive remover pads or the Quick Braces not as a kit a minimum order of $20.00 is required plus the S&H charges or an additional $5.00 will be added. Damaged supplies in shipping must be reported within 24 hours of their delivery to you and we will replace at our cost - shipping included but you must also report this damage to the delivery service and return the goods to us or the carrier if the carrier asks for the damaged goods or no free of charge replacement will be offered.

    Should you order the wrong size a 20% restocking fee plus $5.00 special handling re-ordering fee with be added so if you have paid by check or money order call before returning for the amount you will be sending with the retuned goods otherwise the difference will be charged to the bank card we have on file for you. You will be responsible for postage on the returned items and postage on the replaced items unless we are replacing  goods damaged in transit.

                                           Paying by check...make the check out to United Service Dogs

    Mail your order to the following address United Service Dogs 2076 Ranch Road, Dandridge Tennessee 37725....For a bank draft, money order or check ( please allow ten business days to process regular checks)... ... call or e-mail us for your total.


    THE QUICK BRACE ... Since each brace is hand formed and sized per voice or printed order some braces are to unique to simply put back into stock and expect a new order to come in within days of the returned braces but most will in fact be prime sizes and braces from kit #1, #2 & #3 can be sent back for a refund based on the price of the braces (not the kit total) no matter what their dimensions, subject to the following...

    ALL UNUSED  BRACES must be returned within 16 weeks of purchase. If you find you have achieved the stance you sought sooner then  anticipated, smile and give the office a call for return direction.  #2...You will be responsible for all S&H costs. #3... Refunds are based on returned braces in excellent condition. #4...A restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from your refund. #5...Your refund with be issued the next business day following the return of the braces.

    ADJUSTED SIZE REQUEST ... If you have order the wrong size or need a larger size you may return the unused braces ( in excellent condition) and the adjusted size (s) will be forwarded to you for just the restocking fee and S&H.  This is available on all kits including the Professional Pacs. All orders must be returned before a replacement can be shipped out.

    ADVISORY...#1...Because the adhesives and removers are surgical quality.  To protect all users of these products from possible tampering we can not take back these items once opened. #2...For any reason should you decide to go against our recommended removers and/or adhesives choosing to try other products, dispose of our products per environmental regulations in your area.  #3...Should you find that on receipt of your kit you no longer need it, you may return it in its original packing within ten working days of your receiving the kit and a refund will be issued less 20% restocking fee plus any bank charges and shipping related fees we have incurred.


    Check your package when ever possible with your delivery person still on the property. Otherwise within 24 hours of the arrival of your supplies check to be sure there has been no delivery damage. If damage is noted call the delivery service and put a claim in our behalf requesting an authorization number. Call our office with the number as well as the phone number of the delivery service you used or a forwarded copy of any e-mail if this was your contact form so we can follow up and the part of the Quick Brace Kit was damaged will be send out without our waiting for reimbursement to expedite your order.




    Using the appropriate diagram - A (left ear) for cropped ears... B (right ear) for natural ears - measure the length of your dogs ears from the small lobe inside the ear about mid-way down the ear, up to the tip of the ear. Enter this measurement on the order form. When measuring the width of your dogs skull, diagram C, be sure to measure in a straight line directly in front of your dog's ears, not the contour of the head - in other words not around the head - we need width of the skull.  Our specialists can help you with measurement questions.  Enter this measurement on the order form.


                                                                             Diamond...From the natural ear to the cropped to stance using the Quick Brace*



                                                      Her name is Pride...from natural to cropped to stance seven weeks using the Quick Brace*


              Giai...seen here just before crop... photo below sent to us after she gained stance... photo below is Gaia with her the Quick Brace on.







    Made  in  AMERICA

    If you plan on ordering the Quick Brace System online, please answer the questions on the Order Form so that the correct QUICK BRACE can be produced for you. Otherwise have your measurements ready when you call.  Note each Quick Brace is individually made be sure of your measurements or call us for help.

     The Quick Brace is hand formed for to fit each canine. Allow up to seven working days from date of order plus shipping time based on the delivery service you requested.