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1.The Hoytt Line

2. Creating the "next generation"

3. Building Your American Bred Super Dobe

4. Health Testing and Medical Services
    I. Pre-placement Design balanced ear crop
         II. Ear Cropping The Real Story
        III. The Natural Ear
        IV. A note on the Primary Viruses

5. Veterinary Comments

Choosing The Right Pup
     I. The Companion/Protector
         II. The Choice - lll. Top Dobe Select

7. Educating The Doberman 

   I. Super Pup Course Level l
     II. Super Pup Course Level ll
     lll.  Custom Young Adult  Level 1 adds CGC
    lV. Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Summary

When more mature minds are preferred

V. Custom Young Adult CGC Level  11 adds Rally
     VI. Grand Victor
    VII. Who Acquires The Grand Victor
   VIII. CD Title Training
      IX. Elements of the Companion Dog Title
       X. Special Offering Hoytt Dobes-Catch the Savings

8. Inherent Personality Variable
I. Natural Protective Level

         ll. Natural suspicion Level
       lll. Natural Energy Level

9. Facts Fibs Fallacies  plus             Understanding a pedigree.

10. How Old Is To Old

11. Kids, cats, and canines

12. Spaying and Altering Guidelines

13. Color Associated Points of Interest 
Learn which color lacks intelligence
   I. Fawn.. The Rarest of the Rare

14. Don't Give The Kid A Gun

15. A Word on Longevity

16. AKC Breed Standard

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  Understanding the Pedigree          This How We Do it          Why a Doberman?   

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17. Other Services Available
I. Vacation and Emergency Boarding 
II. Obedience Brush-up or Advancement

Also available owner  instruction in all areas of life with the educated Dobe either at the kennel or in your home. Talk to us about this bonus program since this has to be planned usually months in advance and is priced accordingly.   

 Ill. Pick Up and Delivery
lV. Door to Door Delivery
VIl. Stud Service
VIIl. Protection Training
IX. Personal Travel Service
X. Video Scrapbook
Xl. Formal Photo Session
XIl. Available Video Presentations

18. The World is only an airline ticket away

19. Client Investment Assurance Program

 20. Service, Therapy & other certifications

21.   Obedient Competition


The Sleeping Dobes


Owners Gallery

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