Please Read (or Scroll) to Bottom of this page to check our office hours and how to arrange a personal discussion with Mr. Hoytt  or just check out our site starting with "First Things First" found at the end of this page and remember we all work with the Dobes - no boring office jobs here.



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If you get lost trying to navigate the site don't lose faith, my goal is to give you as much information as I can and at times even I have to go back to HOME or INDEX to continue, otherwise move on to the bottom of this page. In the end the time you spent on our site will return great rewards and you will better understand how the Hoytt Dobe evolved. In effect I am passing on to you my first hand knowledge of genetic qualities in the key areas - Sound mind, strong bodies excellent temperament added to the most complete pre-placement medical program available today.

Note that behind each matched pair of producing parents are up to twenty generations of the most protected bloodline (HOYTT) ever created. A breeding program where in the end I have taken all the greatness the breed is known for, literally natural cloning, where knowledge, love of the breed and hard work have created the ultimate companion and guardian. But not stopping there each Dobe is selected based on your personal interests and environmental needs; now enjoy the trip.

                          Barrie Hoytt

Office ...865-397-9887

24 Hour Fax ... 865-940-0289

For general information including setting up a time to speak with Mr. Hoytt directly call anytime.  Catch our voice mail just leave a message being sure to explain the reasons for your call and the time best to call you back. For those who have Dobes being developed or already have a 'Hoytt' remember to try Mr. Hoytts personal number second if no one is in the office - but always leave a message on the general information line 865-397-9887.  Remember we are a development kennel so we are all with the Dobes more each day than in the office.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              For those with a medical  emergency feel free to contact Mr. Hoytt on his private line  24/7  

Remember reach our voicemail, leave a detailed message and the numbers we can contact you at, as well as the best times to return the call based on your time zone, not sure give us your city and state, providence. Outside the continental United States no problem just add the information we will need.

 Our phones are on Voicemail when we are not in the office or when all lines are busy.

Personal visits by appointment only - Monday thru Saturday

 To be sure you were not lost in the flow of communication keep trying and keep in mind this is a working kennel your initial contacts here will be with Hope who directs most of the  staff's  day - returns the calls she can handle and directs Mr. Hoytt the others.    So a missed call is the norm since our care givers and trainers  spend  their days with their Dobes not chatting on the phones. Our maintenance, driver and yard staff  have their  own responsibilities - answering the phone is not in their job descriptions.

Do leave your name, number, the best times to call you back and what information you were seeking. 

As to Mr. Hoytt's personal number if he is not in the office,  feel free to leave as many friendly reminders as required if all you get is his voice mail. Also remember emails are welcome too.

 House of Hoytt - 2076  Ranch  Road, Dandridge, TN  37725   

Please read through our Web Site to understand what we do, who we are and to learn our terminology. When you are finished please when possible answer as many of the questions you can in The Selection Guide and Client Profile, E-mail or fax these guides to the office before you call to expedite speaking with Mr. Hoytt personally.

One of our staff will follow up with a call to arrange a convenient time you and Mr. Hoytt can get together to discuss your interests. Conference calls are also welcome. Please understand Mr. Hoytt's free  time is as limited as most who are captain of their own ship. This information advance courtesy allows Mr. Hoytt to perhaps be able to direct you to a particular Hoytt Dobe and/or a projected placement date should you both find favor in what the other offers and are ready to take the 'next step'.  

I know this presentation is very informative but  the right Dobe is a wonderful experience.     So do use our site as a learning tool and remember it took Mr. Hoytt 40 plus years to gain the knowledge you are being offered, of that 26 years to create the Hoytt Dobe of today and 1000's of hours just to build this site. Take advantage of the site as a learning experience.  

 Should you simply have a question that first needs answering before you fill out the Guides feel free to email us along with your phone number and do not worry that once we have your number we will keep calling until you buy something. We call inquirers only by request but ask you in advance to call as many times as necessary to prove your seriousness in acquiring a Hoytt Dobe, definitely if you think we somehow misplaced you.   

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