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 Sarah at six weeks of age below with one of three young friends who are regulars here. This is eight year old Brey who like the others come in a few times a week or when school is on break.

Here you see that if you are young enough you can  wear out a six week old Hoytt Dobe. This day everyone decided to take a nap after their party.

Sarah is heading to Washington state following the completion of our CYA CGC program.

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If you go to our YouTube page you can see this pretty thing showing off what she's been learning. This was the first photo sent to her family following her crop. Now she's quite the young lady and soon will be heading to her home in Houston Texas.  Her people have been with us since the nineties and while she has finished all our offered training levels we were asked to add competitive obedience. Her people have been clients since the early 90's Star is one of our Presidents Choice with an additional competition program usually reserved for our personal Dobes. You will understand once you view her that other then our own personal Dobes time only allows us one but already has gained quite a list of successes. called competition obedience completing program levels that are not offered  to Houston where she will join two other Hoytt Dobes. Her family have been clients since the 90's and  home to Spring of this year she will head home  For those who are considering one of our medically finished pups expect a great Dobe like this 11 week old named Star to step into your life.  Star is a blue and rust and already has a family in Texas.



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***************************************puppies playing with an AMerican Bred Doberman

Above is a moment in time. Rebecca & her 11 year old little one M.E., the other half of Team Hoytt,  their red boy  Forrest 4 years and Pearl  at 10 weeks. That was then,,,

... this is now. March 2017  Pearl will be meeting her sire and once again the worlds oldest protected bloodline in Dobes will bring forth a new generation of Jewels. Go to Planned Parenthood to see more photos of how this cute pup evolved into a most beautiful natural eared adult.

                  The winners are... 

 AKC   Competition Plus  recent Grand Victors   and  Presidents  graduates


Planned Parenthood