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Marti and Mr. Hoytt the Doberman Breeder

  Hoytts Pretty Little Girl of Mine CGC RN CD TDI  WAC 

Marti and her tennis ball game: it's what I would call her hobby and we all need hobbies.* We took this photograph and videoed her reaction at her 'retirement' birthday when she came upon her cake surrounded by 144 tennis balls.

While she is with me in spirit, her great grand daughter London - Hoytts Bridge to my Heart is a living memorial to my Marti.  And as planned the next generation, the great great grand daughter of Marti & daughter of London named Maddi formally Hoytts Good Morning Starshine  born 5-27-15 will in 2017 give to the world of Hoytt Dobe enthusiasts another generation of exceptional Dobes.  A line  that began 59 years ago with Ch. Hoytts Poco CD and became the foundation of what became the worlds most geniticly guided as well as protected bloodline in the history of this great breed.

*Marti as close as I could estimate acquired more then 26,000 Spalding tennis balls  during her life as daddy's Girl; hobby's always seem to cost more then anticipated which converts to about a quarter million retrieves.

 *Over the last two decades as a time example every one of my Dobes who found great favor in the sport of Tennis Ball Tackle fractured every one but have yet to tear up a single ball;  this folks represent  one more example of correct parental guidance."


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puppies playing with an AMerican Bred Doberman


Rebecca & her 11 year old little one M.E., the other half of her obedience team  Forrest 4 years and Pearl  at 10 weeks.

In March 2016  Pearl will be meeting her blind date and once again the worlds oldest protected bloodline in Dobes will bring forth a new generation of Jewels.




                                    Nashville's newest stars

Below is Owen and his companion Belle soon to be the families guardian.

Owens parents came to me for this very special Dobe claimed it was a birthday present to their soon to be five year old son. Experience said the parents just needed an excuse to bring a Hoytt Dobe home. Ok so I was a bit off track. Both Owen & Belle think they should not be treated like kids but Belle just turned 12 weeks here. Go to Owners  Photo Gallery  to bring you up to date.

Belle's parents Gracie Anne and Marshal.

child with his American Bred Doberman

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